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Parametric equaliser for Standalone EQ "and" player would really be a very ingenious feature.

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I noticed that the equalizer with my settings according to EQ APO (Windows/high resolution analysis level) has a relatively well present ripple. I can't be more specific, because I don't know if your filters work like conventional IIR filters. But in any case, the analysis level of Poweramp does not match that of APO. The Poweramp Equalizer and the Poweramp Player are the best apps I know so far, but a possibility to switch between parametric EQ and graphic EQ would allow for much more precision. I love your work. I've been using your software for years and I'm convinced that you have what it takes to be the best player and equalizer in the world.

PS: Yes, the Melomania Touch are the first True Wireless headphones that I like in terms of precision and stage, but even Cambridge Audio seems to be so slow to swing the modern marketing club and to exaggerate extremely in the bass range. Thanks to Apt-X, the linear tuning is almost like good cable over-ears.


Just one Example:

Settings -> Audio -> Equalizer ->|

   Select: Parametric EQ (Let's say maximum of 10 individual FIlters) or Default Poweramp EQ.







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Parametric UI to the existing equalizer engines is a planned feature. I guess this will be the next big feature for the next Equalizer release (Poweramp derives this as well due to the common codebase).

Currently Equalizer still is in beta stage, but first release is near. It's mostly delayed by the situation with YouTube Music (Google actively is fixing/bugging/messing the equalizer support now).

Note that Poweramp vs Equalizer engines differ, Poweramp player uses set of biquad (IIR) filters, while Equalizer uses linear phase FIR based DSP implemented via FFT.

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@maxmp That's fantastic. FIR? Now it's getting really serious. I still have an ADAU1701 board on which I don't even dare to apply FIR filters. The computing power is very quickly at an end. Audio processing is such an exciting topic. I got into all the technical jargon because I was fascinated by the Yamaha sound projectors at the time.

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