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Equilizer, Tone, Volume and FX


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Since no one replied to my post here, I'm making a brand new thread. I've reinerated the original post, but added more information and I think I've found a bug.

I've noticed since upgrading to Poweramp 2.0 (actually I'm using 2.0.1 now, but I noticed this when I started using 2.0) that I'm having a difficult time finding the right equilizer setting AND the right volume level. I know this can be very subjective because everyone has different levels of sensitivity in terms of their earing and interpreting sound, but I think this is a very valid point and I'd really appreciate some input.

I'm having trouble regarding the volume. I'm finding my music is often either too loud or not loud enough. I've made three screenshots of the equilizer settings I'm using, maybe someone can give me pointers, or better yet, people can post their own settigns so we can try other people's settings.

Here's the screenshots, and please note this volume is what I consider not loud enough. But if I turn the volume knob up one more level it is WAY too loud. :( I should also point out that when I was using Poweramp 1.X my volume knob looked more like the balance knob, pointing straight up. So you can see this is a little worrying!!!


In this first shot (above), I've just noticed that the DHD button is NOT shown. I'm using an HTC Desire HD, which as some of you may know, comes with a two optional audio settings, Dolby Mobile and SRS Enhancement. Maybe when I upgraded from 2.0 to 2.0.1 the DHD button was fixed. Either way, it's MEANT to be shown in the top left corner above the Stereo X knob. When it's pressed you get the choice of three options: 1. No effects, 2. Dolby Mobile, and 3. SRS Enhancement. Now this is where there may be a bug... If I pick 2 or 3 while playing music I can hear the difference immediately. HOWEVER, if I pick 1 (No effects), the sound remains the same. So I think once you select one of the two DHD FXs, you cannot change it back to No effects. :S

Can someone tell me what Stereo X does? I can barely hear any difference when I change it.



Now regarding the equilizer settings, I'm 100% sure I'm using the same levels that I was when using Poweramp 1.X. But if anyone is bored, please try out the settings I'm using (in the above two shots) and let me know if you are finding the music is way louder than normal.

Thanks for reading!

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