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  1. Can you post a screenshot of how this is done, or where in settings it can be done? I know in Android 7 it was an option, but in Android 9 I think it has been removed?
  2. Yeah, true! I've stopped updating Android Auto, the Google app, and Maps. Each time I've done an update a function or feature breaks or stops working and it is infuriating! Thanks! What do you mean by "better when Poweramp is an active player in AA"?
  3. Thanks Andre! What version of Android are you running on that Samsung Galaxy A70? The most annoying thing for me right now is not being able to speak a verbal command and get AA to play a certain album while I'm driving. Used to work on my LG V20 (running Android 7.0). I still have it so I think I will have to painstakingly compare the Google app and AA app settings side by side with my LG G8s ThinQ until I find what is causing this...
  4. Bump! No one else is using Poweramp with Android Auto?
  5. Hi Andre, Thanks. I uninstalled again, looked for that folder, it was there. Deleted it. Reinstalled Poweramp and Unlocker. My queued files were still queued! I don't get it... Am I missing something else? Oh, and I also did the restore defaults right before uninstalling too! EDIT: Maybe this is normal behaviour?
  6. I think I need to fully uninstall Poweramp and then reinstall it. I've noticed a couple things not working as they should and want to wipe it clean and start afresh. I've uninstalled Poweramp, and the Unlocker app, then run my phones smart stock cleaner app for remove any residual files. Then I've restarted the phone, installed Poweramp and the Unlocker app, but my queued music and all my settings are still there! What do I need to do to get a fresh install going?
  7. Does anyone here use Poweramp in Android Auto? And if you do, do you have voice commands working that will control Poweramp? For example, can you speak a voice command to tell Poweramp to play a specific album while you are driving? I used to be able to (on my now old LG V20, running Android 7), but cannot on my new phone (LG G8s ThinQ, running Android 9) and it is getting frustrating. Feels like I've taken a step backwards. I really need someone to help me get Poweramp working in AA 100%!
  8. I can confirm this is an Android Auto thing and Poweramp doesn't control this. There's a Google Android Auto community board / forum you could post there about it and request it though... https://support.google.com/androidauto/community?hl=en
  9. Just did another test... I ensured the above mentioned settings are DISABLED (Short Audio Focus Change / Calls) and (Duck Volume), played some music and had my wife message me. The music did not dip / duck, BUT there was an ever so subtle interruption to the music playback. Might be worth looking into. This might be as good as it gets for now though...
  10. Hi Max, thanks heaps for replying! I've just tried with the stock LG music player, and yes, it also gets a volume dip when a message comes in. And as far as I can see there's no option or setting to disable this, unlike Poweramp (go Poweramp!). So that tells us this is an Android system thing right? Android 9 at least. I've gone back into Poweramp Settings and disabled Short Audio Focus Change / Calls and Duck Volume (had to disable this one first). This might be the best solution. I tried having just Duck Volume disabled, but Poweramp won't allow it. I'm not using hi-res output, Poweramp is set to OpenSL ES Output. I def need the music to pause when a call comes through. Glad that is a separate option in Poweramp! Regarding notifications though... messages, emails, other alerts, it is not necessary to pause the music. But yes, we don't want the music to duck!
  11. Hi all. Just curious who else is using Poweramp in Android Auto, and has Android 9 on their smartphone? I ask because I recently got a new phone (LG G8s ThinQ) and it runs Android 9. Previously I was using an LG V20 which was running Android 7. Now with the new phone I am getting these super annoying volume dips during music playback in Android Auto. I am certain it's not a Poweramp bug, but an Android 9 (or maybe 😎 thing. My wife is also on Android 9 and uses Android Auto in her car, but doesn't use Poweramp (she uses Google Play Music) and she gets the annoying volume dips during music too. These volume dips only happen when the phone gets a notification (message, email, reminder, etc). Here's a video of the issue occurring. I've googled the issue and found very, very little. One solution was to install an automation app and then with it create a recipe which will put the phone into DND (Do Not Disturb) mode during music play. Yeah, that works, but it's a band-aid fix IMO. Now you have an extra app running, another notification running, ugh... So either people are not noticing this volume dip issue, or just putting up with it. Cos the volume does return back to the level it was on in about a second. But it is still ridiculously annoying. IMO most people using Poweramp won't just put up with this kind of BS, so I've decided to post here to see if anyone can shed light on this, and hopefully provide a solution! EDIT: I am aware Poweramp has a feature in Settings > Audio > Audio Focus, called Short Audio Focus Change / Calls. And in the same Audio Focus settings there's one called Duck Volume. When I have these disabled I simply get the system notification sound playing over the music. So this wasn't a solution either. But it might be my best option? The annoying thing is on my old phone running Android 7 I didn't have to disable these settings. Music playback was simply never interrupted with volume dips!
  12. @w3wilkes Good to know, ta! @maxmp I did not try resetting the defaults. If I update again I will for sure. It is with Android Auto and with 3.5 headphones. Both were giving me skipping / stuttering. When I temporarily solved this with Hi-Res Output, the skipping still persisted with USB / Android Auto, but it was a little better. But it was fixed with 3.5 headphones. Then of course, it led to another issue, which is why I reverted to build 830.
  13. Hi all. I solved my skipping / stuttering issue. I was certain the skipping and stuttering started when I updated from v3 build 830 to build 386 and it persisted when I updated again to build 838. So I've reverted to build 830. I get no skipping or stuttering in my playback on build 830, and it's been a couple of days now. My phone is not that old, so I don't think it's unreasonable that a 3 year old phone should be able to handle PA's latest version properly, but it seems that might not be the case. I'm using LG V20 (released Oct 2016). So hopefully if anyone else has this problem, or is still using an LG V20, this might be your solution too.
  14. Hi again all. My issue is now resolved. Long story short: This thread is about the first split second or two (and sometimes last split second or two) being cut from playback. I worked out this issue was directly caused by Hi-Res Output on 3.5 headphones or 3.5 speaker playback. Using the phone's speaker did not have this issue. So disabling Hi-Res Output solved that issue. BUT the reason I enabled Hi-Res Output in the first place was because I was hearing skipping and stuttering on EVERY song (sometimes as much as three times per song). It was intolerable. I was certain the skipping and stuttering started when I updated from v3 build 830 to build 386 and it persisted when I updated again to build 838. So I've reverted to build 830. I get no skipping or stuttering in my playback on build 830, and it's been a couple of days now. My phone is not that old, so I don't think it's unreasonable that a 3 year old phone should be able to handle PA's latest version properly, but it seems that might not be the case. I'm using LG V20 (released Oct 2016). I'm posting this solution in the Skipping and Stuttering Songs thread too for others that might need it.
  15. I can confirm, I did indeed need to uninstall. I don't recall this always being a thing with Android apps, but this instance it was for sure.
  16. Hi all. I'm trying to install an older version of Poweramp. It's only a few releases older than the current. v3 build 836 and 830. Both are here: https://forum.powerampapp.com/files/category/2-Poweramp-v3-latest-releases/ When I go to install them I am told the files are corrupted. I have tried downloading twice, once from a desktop computer, and again using my smartphone. Both had the same result. Can someone confirm if these files are not corrupted, and I'm doing something wrong?
  17. Hi Max. I'm not using any crossfading. Auto-advance Fading is also set to No. There are actually LOTS of tracks that are subject to the starts being cut. To be clear, it's not skipping per se. What is happening is that the first half-second, split second, or even a full second, is simply not being played. And it's happening to a LOT of tracks. I've noticed it on 4 or 5 albums, and around half the songs on these albums. But I'm hearing it only on the songs with sudden starts. To be clear, it's where the music is loud from the get-go. So no artistic fade in. Some tracks I can also hear that the end is being cut too. I should have mentioned this earlier but I forgot. Did you watch the video I uploaded? Please watch it, here's the link. I think the video explains the issue VERY well. And as mentioned in this post of mine above, when I disable Hi-Res Out the issue does not occur AT ALL. I can still send you some of these tracks that are subject to this issue, but is it absolutely necessary? I think the video shows clearly what the issue is, and that it plays perfectly fine without 3.5 plugged in. Please let me know because I can certainly make more videos showing this issue on another track, and show when I disable Hi-Res Output how it plays perfectly fine too.
  18. Heh... yeah I only enabled Hi-Res Output cos I wanted to kill the awful skipping I was hearing since updating to PA v838. I am aware in the Hi-Res Output setting it does warn that it is experimental. So maybe it has a bug causing the fade in / cutting start of music issue I'm having.
  19. Hi again. I did some testing. Played one of the suspect songs in the car. I have Android Auto, so my phone is plugged in via USB. The song played correctly (the very start was NOT cut). This led me to think playing through the 3.5mm headphone jack was the only way to reproduce the issue. Turns out it is. Playing music through my phone using wired headphones is how I first discovered this issue. So later I tried playing the suspect song on the phone's loud-speaker, and there is no issue there. To be sure, I re-riped two CDs that contained suspect songs, the abovementioned one included. I use MediaMonkey, and these settings. On top of this, I noticed those 2 albums and another 2 albums with suspect songs had large album artwork (300 DPI and over 1000 x 1000 pixels). I changed all the album art to 72 DPI and 700 x 700 pixels. Copied the re-riped albums to my phone, played them, there was no change, sadly the issue persists. :( Then I saw Andre's last post, and have just made a video showing the issue. Please see it here. I just found the cause. It's the Hi-Res Output Buffer that has done this. I had to enable this recently due to the current version of PA (v838) randomly skipping during song playback. It's in Settings > Audio > Output > Hi-Res Output. I posted about this earlier in the month (it's in this thread). Anyways, in that setting I had both Wired Headset / AUX and USB DAC enabled, and in their respective settings, I had the Buffer Presets set to Huge. I've now tested Buffer sizes Large and Normal, both still reproduce the issue. Only disabling Hi-Res Output will play the song without cutting the start. What to do? Let the music skip randomly on nearly every song, or let the start on some songs be cut off? I'm a fairly OCD kinda person so both are not ideal. :(
  20. Hi. I just noticed another instance of this happening. So that's three albums I can confirm that have it now. And yes, it's on several songs in those albums. This album is also 44.1KHZ 320KBPS MP3. I only notice it on songs that have sudden / abrupt starts, as I notice the very start being cut. I should clarify when I say "sudden / abrupt" I mean these songs start in full swing from the very first second. I think it's safe to say most songs do not begin this way, so it's not easy to detect. I use MediaMonkey to rip my music, so I am certain these three instances / albums were encoded with that, and I'm pretty sure my settings at home are LAME. Yes, the problem occurs when I play the albums in full, and also when I restart the song it still occurs. I will rerip the albums that have this issue and play them again. I will also test on other sources (computer at home, wife's phone). I will also play The Dark Side of The Moon today and test that out. Though, gapless is not necessarily the issue here.
  21. So far I've only noticed it on 44.1KHZ 320KBPS MP3 files. But this is what a massive majority of my music library is encoded as.
  22. Good question... I will do further listening tests and report back.
  23. Hi again guys. I've put all my settings for fade to zero or the smallest values I can within the limit of Poweramp's given options. In some cases the smallest is 10ms. This is not enough IMHO. We should have an option for zero. I am still hearing the music being "edited" by PA. Songs with sudden or abrupt starts are being "edited" or having the very start of the song cut (fade in). I really hate this. Can anything be done about this at all, other than ask Max to please give us the option to NOT have the music "edited"? To be clear, the settings I'm looking at are all in Settings > Audio > Crossfade, Fade and Gapless. And then you've got the following options... Auto-advance Fading (I've set it to No fading) Manual Track Change Fading (I've set to No fading) Play/pause/seek/manual track... (Both disabled) Preload Gapless Tracks (set to 0ms) <- Side note: Would this be good to increase for gapless improvement? Crossfade Length (set to 1000ms - lowest we are given) Short Manual Crossfade Length (set to 10ms - lowest we are given) Seek Fade Length (set to 10ms - lowest we are given) And for the record, I'm on PA v3-build-838, Full Version.
  24. Hi again guys. I am still having this issue but mostly only on Android Auto (where my phone is plugged into the car by USB). So like the fix for 3.5 headphones, I increased the buffer to huge for USB also. But USB has still been skipping. Any other suggestions? This seems to have started out of nowhere... And yes, I'm using latest version of PA (838).
  25. Hi guys, thanks for the replies. Andre, yup, I'm on 838. Thanks Blaubär. Looks like some of those settings had restored to default, and I've now fixed them. I think this should solve the issue. I'll post here again if not.
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