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Poweramp on galaxy S10


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hi all. I have had an interesting few days playing with the Poweramp app and new eq app and addressing my volume issues, so thought might be nice to share in case helpful or if anyone can educate me.

Now mostly resolved my issues. Adjusted just about everything and got my S10+ sounding decent but not great hence the recent fiddling. Eq app eventually added Poweramp to known players so all working now but then I read that the EQ app doesnt actually work with Poweramp! shame. I discovered that the audio interface box that one can have on the S10+ screen has sliders for bluetooth/wired headphones and another for app/media. This is reproduced when using samsung sound assistant and so there are options for numbers beside the sliders for more accuracy. I find that purely accessing these boxes and putting the headphone slider to 142% (might be a clue here as to an increase in volume as 150% max rather than 100%?) significantly increases the volume.

I can then set Poweramp vol at 80/90% and my music is mostly properly loud and punchy. Quite significant vol increase and I have not seen this simple tweak/adjustment mentioned anywhere, which seems odd.


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