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Device specific resume on bluetooth


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It would be great to be able to resume on bluetooth connection just for a specific device. For example, I use Poweramp in my car, but I use a white noise app on a bluetooth speaker when I go to bed and don't want Poweramp to resume on that. Thanks for your consideration. 

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Yeah, after many years using this function on my bluetooth headphones, it's time to differentiate. My smartphone now connects to pc, home cinema, car and headphones. I do like to listen automatically to Poweramp in my car and on the headphones, but not on the home cinema or with the pc (and there it just plays over the phone speakers...). For now, I'll have to turn off the feature until this is implemented. I rather start it manually again instead of turning Poweramp off when not wanting it.

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Just want to subscribe to this feature request. Same for me: when my car connects, Poweramp should start playing, but when I connect my hands-free headset in my office, I don't want to continue listening music (on one ear only 😉 ).

As output devices are already shown in Poweramp's output chain, it would be great to have a list of seen (bluetooth) devices to check/uncheck below "Resume On Bluetooth" option.

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