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Using Poweramp with Voice Commands


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When in my car, I rely on Android Auto, which is connected to my compatible head unit, and where PA is shown as being one of the suitable/accepted apps for AA, controlling it manually with my car hand 'commander' it does everything I ask when driving, and in a way that does not detract from any safety aspect.

But I know that I can use Google Assistant to operate my phone, and thus Poweramp, which makes things safer still.

Yesterday, for example, I asked it to play Beethoven Piano Concerto No 1, first movement, to which it replied, 'Asking Poweramp to play Beethoven's First Piano Concerto, first movement. But on one occasion it said that either it wasn't in my collection, though it was, or that it wasn't 'available'. I tried rephrasing my question, for example checking to call it Piano Concert No 1, rather than First Piano Concerto. Do I have to tell it to 'Play' once it's located my request?

I'm sure there must be a list of commands that Poweramp recognizes from Google Assistant, using the correct syntax. It doesn't seem to be an issue with Android Auto, as it still failed to find the piece of music, even with the phone simply in my hand,

Has anyone any advice on marrying Poweramp successfully to Google Assistant's Voice Commands? It would be such a help in the car. I play music when getting off to sleep, and I recall that I can turn down the volume, and make some kind of music selection, by asking Google Assistant to intervene.

I've looked at a number of different player apps, but frankly no other one comes anywhere close to Poweramp, in terms of having an essentially classical collection.

Many thanks, in anticipation.


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Hey Wolksby,

I'm getting moderate success using Google Assistant voice commands to Android Auto on my in car Alpine head unit.

For the way I do things, I have only two issues (and they're not game stoppers) :-

1/. I initiate a Poweramp session by saying " Play Poweramp - songname/or artist" to which GA replies - "OK - asking Poweramp to play some music" (or some such?).

The music player comes up on my head unit screen in a second window, not yet playing (with play/fwd/rwd icons) - I need to physically touch on the screen to invoke play - not such a big deal.

2/. I nearly always play my music from Playlists, shuffled, however GA doesn't understand the intricacy of such commands - "Play Poweramp 'playlist' shuffled" also

returns "OK - asking Poweramp to play some music"!!

I then need to tap on the screen to bring up the Poweramp app and go thru the menu's to Librarys/Shuffle, etc

I do feel ya pain with voice recognition apps however - my request for "Bron-Y-Aur Stomp" always comes up 'can't find' - perhaps I need to brush up on my Welsh dialect ....

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