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  1. Thanks for your reply Andre - very helpful. "What you can do instead - for both Playlists and the Queue - is to use the three-dots menu icon at the top of the relevant song list and choose 'Re-sort'. This permanently re--orders that list based on a variety of criteria, one of which is Random Shuffle. Then you can simply press Play to hear that newly re-shuffled Playlist, allowing you to view the whole shuffled list from start to finish when you tap the cover art to see Category view." This will work fine for me.
  2. Hey Wolksby, I'm getting moderate success using Google Assistant voice commands to Android Auto on my in car Alpine head unit. For the way I do things, I have only two issues (and they're not game stoppers) :- 1/. I initiate a Poweramp session by saying " Play Poweramp - songname/or artist" to which GA replies - "OK - asking Poweramp to play some music" (or some such?). The music player comes up on my head unit screen in a second window, not yet playing (with play/fwd/rwd icons) - I need to physically touch on the screen to invoke play - not such a big deal. 2/. I near
  3. I queried the ability to view the next songs in a playlist when shuffled some years ago (here :- Is this functionality now available?
  4. OK - thanks Andre for prompt response. Saves me hours trying to find something that's not there.
  5. Very new to PA - just going through evaluation of trial version prior to forking over the $'s !! I've got about 1,000 songs in a playlist (on an SD card in a S7 Samsung) that I always play shuffled/random. While the current song is playing, how best to get a listing of tracks that are coming up in order of play for that 'shuffle session' (and hopefully those that have previously played in order) ?? p.s. I've just ditched Google Play Music which we were forced into by Samsung/Google as default player - one nice feature it had was an icon on the main song screen that wit
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