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few questions,,,,help please !


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when playing a song in Poweramp how do i stop the song ? (not pause) but stop it alltogether,,,because i have oticed it continues to run in the system even when i have pressed back and left the app.

surely its using memory and therefore battery while it has been paused.

correct me if i am wrong.

p.s. still cant download the unlock version from market,,,but apparently i am not the only one. so will wait untill that issue resolves itself.

otherwise i cant fault the app...

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It doesn't "run" when paused. There is no difference in battery usage if memory is filled with program or anything or not.

(There is actually no such state for it -> not filled. It's always filled either with data or with random trash).


PowerAMP service doesn't do any job if it's paused. No scan or anything. Scan takes few seconds when new card is mounted.

PowerAMP service asks android to stop itself after 15 seconds of idle. It's the Android OS privilege to stop process then, it does it only

if there is no memory for other apps.

Keeping paused PowerAMP in memory (as well as other good written apps) won't discharge a bit from battery or

take a cycle from CPU. Killing PowerAMP or other database dependent applications can result in database corruption, because Android OS database

implementation is not designed for such killing. Android os restarts service if it thinks it's crashed - task killers can stop other processed only by crashing them.

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