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  1. It appears i just needed to download it from Play store and get my unlocker on top and it works fine , so the latest version is going to be on Play store going forward ? ?
  2. I haven,t had a need to use this app for the longest time, but just recently i have a new Andorid phone and want to use it again I bought the full version on Google Play years ago and am a Beta tester for this app (can't remember signing up for that) haha So how do i get the latest version installed and working fine , i dont think i will be limited by a 15 day trial as i bought the full version before Thanks D
  3. i have the lord of the rings spoken books on my phone . what i want too know is can i start listening to one and save the last spot played and then return to it at a later date . say i play the book now and listen to a hour of it . leave that play some music and then go back to that book from where i left off ? thanks dan
  4. when playing a song in Poweramp how do i stop the song ? (not pause) but stop it alltogether,,,because i have oticed it continues to run in the system even when i have pressed back and left the app. surely its using memory and therefore battery while it has been paused. correct me if i am wrong. p.s. still cant download the unlock version from market,,,but apparently i am not the only one. so will wait untill that issue resolves itself. otherwise i cant fault the app...
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