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Shutdown intent - how to use?

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Hi all

I have an Xtrons head unit newly installed in my car, replacing a different Android HU that was giving me issues.

I've found that when I turn the engine off, Poweramp seems to keep playing, even though nothing comes out the speakers and the screen is off.  If I switch the key back to ACC Poweramp will resume playing back as though it had never been stopped.

So I'm looking for a way to pause playback when I turn the key to OFF (no power coming in on the HU ACC12V line)

A shutdown intent might be the answer, but I have no idea how to determine what the intent for my unit is.

Can anyone offer some guidance?

Thanks in advance.

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@Minotaur many headunits have some kind of support forums where this info may circulate. For some reason, many brands rename that intent, that's why there is an option for this. Thanks!

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