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Bitrate calculation not exact

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Hi Max,

I have found that bitrate calculation in Poweramp is not exact.

  1. In case of Vorbis, Poweramp show only a nominal bitrate, not the actual one.
  2. Unlike mp3 and aac, Poweramp calculates bitrates using the size of whole file (opus and mpc), not only that of audio stream. So, bitrates displayed are much larger than the actual ones, especially for files having a huge album art.

This issue is very trivial and thus not urgent to solve. Just annoying in my eyes :)


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Poweramp tries to read this from tags/header. If this data exists, it is shown as is. If there is no such data in header/tags, Poweramp calculates this based on the file size (minus tags/album art/header size). The latter may be not so accurate if file has other artifacts, like additional huge images or streams or other data concatenated to the end of file, etc.

These calculations happen when tags are initially scanned.

While playing some song in the real time Poweramp of course knows the current and average bitrates, but I choose not to update this info dynamically to save device battery. For VBR formats each block (something like 20ms for many formats) may have own bitrate.

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