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Exclude songs from playback


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Really want to use Poweramp but can't find how to do the following. 

Usually I would like to listen to a full album/folder repeatedly while I am working or studying, and when I listen to a song I don't like, I need to exclude it from further listening, without deleting the file. 

Is it possible to do this with Poweramp? 

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You can do it with queue:

  • go to settings, search for queue, set on queue end to "stay in queue"
  • on player screen set the repeat mode to "Repeat Category"

Then when you want to listen to album/folder/... then just long press on the item and add it to the queue. You can delete the entry by clicking on the "..." on the album cover in the player and delete from there, by default it will just delete the entry from the queue, not the file.

Edit 1: You might also wan to set start playing queue to "Immediately" in the queue settings.

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