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static noise while changing songs automatically (prev / next)


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I hear static noise while Poweramp (2.0) changes from one song to another. if i change the song to next or previous manually i dont hear this static noise. i hope you have the time to look into this cos i simply love this app.

I was previously using Poweramp version 1.4 build 387 and never experienced any problems or any static noises. Actually this was my most probable reason (along with many other of coz) why i chose Poweramp cos the integration of this player with the ROM is seamless and the sound is superb.

Poweramp Version : 2.0 - Build 499

HTC Desire HD (Ace 1.84)

Froyo 2.2.1

Original Rom

thank you.

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Exactly. And the fact Poweramp 1.4 worked fine (although no DVT) is why i expected 2.0 to blow me away. :D

Not much of a problem if you are entirely lost in the music. But sometimes it does kill the mood.

Just wanted to highlight this small problem cos i love this app.

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