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Need a user-friendly easy-to-use Skin


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I dont care about visual effects, bells and whistles, the cool factor and all that bullshit. I just want a skin that lists all the folders I have and its easy to navigate them without having to use tricks. It should be a straight-forward design that is focused on making it easier for the user to switch around tracks and navigate fast. This is what I want:

  • Remove animations, visual effects and slide-ins - I dont need these. Just make it instant. I dont have the time/need for that stuff
  • Make use of the phone screen's real estate. The (default) Album art graphic takes up a huge volume of space and is unnecessary.  I would rather see Folder Navigation, Play control (Stop, Play, Next/Previous, Pause, EQ controls etc) all on the same screen. Cram as much stuff as you can, without forcing me to switch around interfaces. Make it one compact screen that is full of controls. For example, I want to see a compact "Now Playing" section and the rest of the screen would show the Folder navigation and EQ Settings and I can do everything from there.
  • The Starting screen should take me straight to my folders, every single time. I dont want it to remember the song I was listening to the last time. Neither should it show me the "Library" interface on the starting screen.
  • (optional) All Buttons should have visible boundaries. Don't make me guess where the boundaries are and what is/is not a button.

Are there any skins that qualify?

If there are no qualifying skins available, can anyone recommend a different music player with good bass EQ controls? 
I like the simple interface in the GoneMAD music player and I can make the folder listings compact and easy to browse however its EQ control for bass sucks compared to Poweramp so I cant use it. 

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