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Phonograph Skin/UI Please


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Hi everyone, I know it's super unlikely this is possible or that anyone can or will, but on the off chance that it is i'm holding out hope.

It would be really awesome if someone took the phonograph app design and made it for power amp. In my opinion phonograph has the easiest to navigate and read music player out there, and i'm not sure if that would be considered stealing, but considering there's about a million copies of that app (vinyl, gramophone, music, ect...) I don't think it would be too bad of a problem I'm not talking about something that has the colors of phonograph, I'm talking about something that has the same UI as phonograph. Of coarse you may be asking why I don't use phonograph, well the answer is because it sucks in every other regard, no gap-less playback, my music doesn't scan, ect. Please Please please someone make this happen so we can have the best music player to ever exist. Hell, id even be willing to pay good money for something like that. It can't be too difficult since the app already exists! Thanks for your ears everyone

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