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Poweramp should read KEYCODE_MEDIA inputs

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On head units, the physical buttons won't work on Poweramp 3. 
The physical buttons work great on Poweramp 2 build 588. 
They won’t work on Poweramp 3 only.

The reason is because Poweramp 3 won't read KEYCODE_MEDIA inputs. 
It should read the following:




Once again, Poweramp 2 build 588 reads these inputs; Poweramp 3 doesn't . 


Please, support KEYCODE_MEDIA inputs again.

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Thanks for the request. On Android, these keys are (should be) read by system, which reroutes them to MediaSession handler, which is, of course, implemented and works in Poweramp. I guess some head units don't follow that and some additional workarounds are required. I plan to get one of such headunits into my test lab - hopefully this will help with resolving issues like that, though, the head unit I plan to get (PX5 based Android 8 ) may have no issues with that.

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Excellent, I have a px5 head unit with android 8 and the problem presents itself. It’s a known problem; it isn’t just me, as you can check here and here.


The problem is with steering wheel buttons. They work on Poweramp 2 588, and don’t work on Poweramp 3.


Thank you.



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