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Colored Poweramp "Wave" logo on the widget

M Akmal

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I just edited my topic to be simple so you can understand it easily.

When I set my widget background colors to white, the Poweramp "wave logo isn't very visible (it looks, but very vague). It would be better if the logo can match with the buttons color, so it would be visible (also very colorful). That's it.

-- Original --

Hi Poweramp

I know if my request is not very important, but I think it will help the future Poweramp appearance.

So I'm using a Poweramp Widget on my home screen. I modified and set the color background of minimalistic theme of my widget to white because it will match with my wallpaper screen than black. I also change the buttons color to black because of the white bg.

However, Im just hoping that the logo color will also match the color of the buttons. Because the logo won't appear if background set to white or other bright colors. It would be better looking if the album art is missing or not available.

That is my request. Thanks. :)

(sorry for my English)


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