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Language tag support / better Library control- desperately needed!!!


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For the Nth time, Poweramp v2.0 beta is an amazing piece of software and kudos to you for your efforts! I prefer using Poweramp to even my desktop Media Players. However, there is a shortfall that I believe proves to be a serious handicap at times - absence of Language tag support/better library control.

As a user from India, I would like to mention that, of the 20+ languages spoken in the country, we have few very important languages that contribute to the massive Music Industry here (you would've all heard Desi music at least one). Mainly Hindi, Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam... and needless to mention the popularity of Western Music here. However, with the absence of a language tag support in the Poweramp Library, there is no option to choose the language of the songs to be played or genres (of a particular language) for that matter. Using Genres to do the task is not a convenient or a precise way as we have different genres to attribute to even when listening to songs from a particular language.

It is really disturbing when (situations not limited to list below):

1. a high tempo track of regional language X pops up when listening to melodies from the same language (as in the case of creating a Genre named after a language).

2. listening to soul or R&B and a regional melody suddenly pops up (as in the case of defining just Genres for the regional music)

The work around I found was defining Genres that are of the type "Language - Genre". However, that fails when I need to play all genres of a particular language.

Request 1: It gives us better control of the songs to play when defining both the Genre and the Language. So, please provide support for Language tag as well.

Request 2: While searching the library with a keyword, the ability to play specific parts of the search result is also needed.

For example:

Searching for the word "Dance" returns a couple of results each for albums, folders, genres, and songs. The ability to play the Album results/Folder results/Genre results/Songs results will give greater control. This currently works only for the Songs results and not for the other results.

I really hope these requests make it to the final release of Poweramp v2.0.


Cheers to the best Music App in the World,


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