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  1. I agree it's easier said than done... But this limitation/dependence is an issue that could be solved through direct licensing, and in one approach, starting with smaller independent record labels and then going after the bigger name brands. Make Poweramp Great Again!
  2. How Spotify Built a $20 Billion Business by Changing How People Listen to Music https://producthabits.com/how-spotify-built-a-20-billion-business-by-changing-how-people-listen-to-music/
  3. Kodi media streamer is a platform, imo. Just like Android is to Poweramp. I'm suggesting license to stream content. The big 3 record labels have a big chunk of catalog. Universal Music Group Sony Music Entertainment Warner Music Group The others are independent record labels and smaller players. Taken from Wikipedia: In 2008, Universal Music Group agreed to make its catalog available to Spotify, then a new streaming service.... In October 2012, WMG became one of the last major labels to sign with Google's music service. It was also one of the last labels
  4. As suggested by Haddy, if Poweramp could call a (hypothetical) API exposed by Spotify........
  5. Sorry, I don't see why it's a misguided request. What makes Spotify, Spotify, is their ability to provide a steaming source for you for a huge catalog. However, Poweramp's source are only local files. If Poweramp could call Spotify's API and allow you to stream music, might as well call, for instance, Sony Music's API to browse their catalog. This would put Poweramp head and shoulders with Spotify instead of being dependent on them. Make Poweramp Great Again!
  6. Poweramp is the most feature rich music app ever and I can't believe I first used it over 10 years ago. The features available in Poweramp have never made it to other music players. Yet, I stopped using Poweramp many years ago since I started streaming music. In my (humble) opinion, Max needs to negotiate music streaming licenses with major music label brands! I can't imagine how powerful Poweramp would be with music streaming capabilities and a subscription based catalog of 40 or 50 million tracks! Poweramp needs to go after Spotify!!!! If Spotify can do it, Poweramp can do it better! Go Max!
  7. 1. Log in to play.google.com on your computer using the primary Google account registered on your phone. 2. Search for and install Poweramp Music Player (Trial) as well as Poweramp Full Version Unlocker. 3. Enjoy Poweramp!
  8. What would be the difference between "Shuffle all songs" and "Shuffle songs, Shuffle lists"? When would I need to use one over the other?
  9. +1 for Cover Flow... it'd be awesome to have this feature.
  10. This post goes out to all you people grumbling about hiding album tag, or mass editing tags or stuck with a 1000 track collection of which 900 tracks have unknown album in the place of album tag or Poweramp downloading wrong album art or a variety of other situations.... "The solution mentioned above is the answer" Please support this. You wouldn't have to bother about tagging again.
  11. Hi Max, Is it possible to integrate Poweramp with Shazam or SoundHound or any similar app/plugin so it can detect the tag info and auto correct tags for tracks with incomplete information like "Unknown album", "Unknown artist", and "track xx"??? This can hugely save a lot of effort on correcting tag info and can also help in accurate album art and lyrics download. Thanks in advance.
  12. For the Nth time, Poweramp v2.0 beta is an amazing piece of software and kudos to you for your efforts! I prefer using Poweramp to even my desktop Media Players. However, there is a shortfall that I believe proves to be a serious handicap at times - absence of Language tag support/better library control. As a user from India, I would like to mention that, of the 20+ languages spoken in the country, we have few very important languages that contribute to the massive Music Industry here (you would've all heard Desi music at least one). Mainly Hindi, Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam... and needless t
  13. Good move migrating to IPS Community!!!
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