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How to activate v2 on Lineage OS

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I installed v2 on LineageOS without google services (but I do have an email account there).

Then I purchased Poweramp via the web site and tried to activate it - but is says something like "email account doesn't exist on the device" ...

How do I activate my version??? On the purchase page it says that it supports email accounts  (it doesn't say that it requires google services or google-branded android... )


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52 minutes ago, smax48 said:

Well, I purchased the app using my gmail email address... Is there any way to activate v2 in this situation?  I don't need v3, don't like the new UI.

If you used a gmail address to register, then that gmail address must be set up as an account on any device on which you want to install PA (and it must have internet access). You can uninstall gapps again after the licence has been validated, but do remember that it could need to be re-checked again later in certain situations such as re-installing, clearing data, etc  (see http://support.powerampapp.com/knowledgebase/articles/323557-is-internet-connection-required ).

For anything more specifically related to your own account, please email poweramp.maxmpz@gmail.com.


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