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"create standard Android shortcuts"


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I have been a long time Poweramp user. Combined with Tasker, it's a vital part of my life. The v3 update broke some communication with Tasker (and plugins). Recently, Tasker and plugins have been fixed, but to complete optimization, Tasker(AutoShortcuts) needs Poweramp to "create standard Android shortcuts".  Please add this functionality to Poweramp. Thanks!


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I turned to KWGT to work around the broken Tasker shortcuts. Those also didn't work. I asked KWGT if there was anything they could do to fix it. Their response is that

its a Power Amp issue, the playlist shortcut doesnt return a valid data object usable with:



I hope this helps return this functionally. Thank you for your attention and efforts!

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Let me check this shortly. Please note that Android shortcut functionality was changed between Android 7 -> 8. Poweramp supports both variants as required by launchers.

Also Poweramp v3 supports everything  in it’s API that v2 supported and more. There are restrictions and limitations imposed by new sdk target (Poweramp has sdk target=29 so it’s on edge), but most intents work without changes or with little tweaking.

PS I checked that Tasker plugin (AutoShortcut) and it seems it uses old API, which is not working anymore starting from Android 8 (SDK=26). Poweramp still uses old API on devices with Android 5-7, but it's can't use old API on Android 8+, as shortcuts won't be created.

@Carried10 On Android 8+ this is different intent (see here if interested http://androidxref.com/9.0.0_r3/xref/frameworks/base/services/core/java/com/android/server/pm/ShortcutRequestPinProcessor.java#289) and even if I add EXTRA_SHORTCUT_INTENT it won't work, unfortunately (tested).

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I have the same kind of issue with automation apps like Automate, Tasker, Automagic, IFTTT, Macrodroid, Automatelt. All these automation apps return errors when trying to use Poweramp playlist shortcut because they couldn't obtain a path for the playlist selected.

I understand the point about APIs versions but I guess all these apps cannot be wrong at the same time, no? So maybe there is other issue about the shortcut method?

Any help on this?

Thanks a lot!

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On 3/3/2020 at 4:18 PM, j.mrtns said:



I have the same kind of issue with automation apps like Automate, Tasker, Automagic, IFTTT, Macrodroid, Automatelt. 

I got the same problem since switching the phone (Samsung Android 9 -> Cyrus Android 9).

What could the problem be?

Thanks to all helpers in advance!

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