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True Hi-Res spectrum analyzer


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3 hours ago, Chuey72 said:

It would be nice if the spectrum analyzer display showed the full Hi-Res musical bandwidth. It currently shows from about 50Hz-190,000Hz, but is missing the bottom octaves - as Hi-Res music WILL play as low as 1Hz...

I'm afraid milkdrop won't be able to do this. After all this is NOT a TRUE spectrum analyzer, but a visualization, designed for recreational rather than scientific purposes.

But you are free to find or write a better milkdrop preset. If you find one, put it into the directory and rescan the presets, then you can use it.

My favourite one is the built-in "spectrum-centered-wide". I don't know its lower boundary for sure, but when I play a frequency sweep it already responds when the frequency is too low for me to hear, so that would mean at least as low as 20 Hz or so.

I don't know the milkdrop interface. But if it gets or makes a fast fourier transform to get the spectrum ( and what else should it do ? ) then we can expect the lowest area to contain all frequencies from zero upward.  It would depend on the graphics of the chosen preset whether this is shown of course.





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