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Bluetooth Headphones

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Hi there,

I'd just like to make a request for a settings menu for bluetooth headphones. I have a pair of Sony DR-BT50 headphones which have a few controls on the left ear, here's a pic:


At the moment,

[folder +] and [folder -] = do nothing,

[depressing the rocker] = play/pause,

[quick tap up on the rocker] = next song,

[quick tap down on the rocker] = previous song,

[long hold up on the rocker] = next album,

[long hold down on the rocker] = previous album,

and [volume up/down] = just that.

I would love to be able to customise this so that holding the rocker would skim through the current song, and the folder controls would flick through albums. I understand that there are a lot of different bluetooth headphones out there, and that's why a settings menu would be sweet!

Thanks for considering the idea Poweramp people, I love the product already, this would just make it the shiz.


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How about customizing the (recognized) buttons? I'm using Poweramp for a long time, but I recently played around with MortPlayer and some things are pretty well done there! For example it's possible to map the bluetooth headset keys (also the long press, which do nothing in Poweramp atm afaik) to any desired function (like Play/Pause, Next Folder ...). Would be a nice little detail. :)

This is my first post. =)

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