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  1. +1 for this request. Speed control (with pitch cotrol as well) would be really nice.
  2. I think Max said something about this... Something like it's not possible to code, but I don't remember why... I'd love to see this feature (play/pause & prev/next would be best) too as well as a little cover art (just like the standard SGS player from the screen). Would be awesome!
  3. Hi! How about customizing the (recognized) buttons? I'm using Poweramp for a long time, but I recently played around with MortPlayer and some things are pretty well done there! For example it's possible to map the bluetooth headset keys (also the long press, which do nothing in Poweramp atm afaik) to any desired function (like Play/Pause, Next Folder ...). Would be a nice little detail. This is my first post. =)
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