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SACD .iso format, reading / playing


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Thank you for the very good audio player, Poweramp!
I got to be a part of the v3 beta testing program.
I noticed that this v3 now can read and play the SACD files which are in either .dff or .dsf formats, hooray!! :D


Can you please also add the possibility to read SACD .iso files?
Although it is very easy to use a 3rd party tool for converting .iso into .dff / .dsf,
the .iso is really best format for archival (just as .bin / .cue are for Audio CD's).
Also, since the Foobar2000 player on the pc supports reading the .iso files,
there is no good reason for me to change my .iso files into .dff / .dsf files.
Instead, I have to use the tool for exporting new .dff files,
copy those .dff files over to my phone,
then finally deleting the .dff files from my pc.

Actually, there is (at least?) one audio player on Android which supports reading / playing the .iso files.
This is the "USB Audio Player PRO" from "eXtream Software Development"
I have this also, and here you see an example where it is playing "Goats Head Soup.iso"

But, the "USB Audio Player PRO" is missing a lot of nice features that Poweramp has.
Especially  Poweramp's "Headset/Bluetooth" options,
where in "Connection", I can set Pause / Resume,
and in "Buttons", where I can set Double/Triple press for next/prev. track.
"USB Audio Player PRO"has no possibility at all to use the wired headset button.

Poweramp was very cheap (USD $4.99 I think?)
I would easily pay USD $19.99 if that was the price.
Especially if it also had the option to read / play the SACD .iso files. :D

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