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I've owned Poweramp for the past 3 years.
I absolutely love the player, and especially the equalizer, but I have a problem I'd like to solve.
Recently I've bought a Spotify premium account. I own sennheiser cx300II headphones, and they require *A LOT* of equalizing (bass the most) in order to create the sound I want.
I've spent hours equalizing the Poweramp equalizer and I've been able to create the perfect sound I could possibly imagine with my headphones, but the Spotify app uses the default equalizer of Android (I use galaxy note 4).
The problem is - the sound quality on my headphones when I listen to Spotify using this equalizer is really bad.
My question is - is there any way to connect only the equalizer of the Poweramp to spotify in some way?
And if not - Do you have any other app that could have the same effect on Spotify and will be able to connect to it?


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On 12/6/2018 at 10:12 PM, maxmp said:

Unfortunately, for non-system non-root app, there is no way to touch or modify spotify or any other app audio output - mostly due to the security, I guess.

Thanks for the answer.
Do you have any suggested free equalizer app that could equalize Spotify properly?

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