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Licence Problem since last Update


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Hey Guys,

i use Poweramp since 2012 now and i'm also in Beta-Programm, so i got Poweramp V3 und used it the hole time. In 2012 i purchased this app via Website, so i got the Unlocker APK for download. Since the newest update of Version V3 Build 804 i got the Licence-Problem-Error. When i go the "already purchased" i had the problem, that i can't find my email with the order-id... so i cant reactivate my purchase with this version. 

When i install V2 instead (which got the old and bad design) the unlocker works fine. Then i tried to buy the unlocker new over the playstore and got an error when i want to install this. so i canceled the order via playstore. 

What can i do now ? I want to use V3, not V2. i already buy this Player years ago. Help pls !

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