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Throwing my vote in for this as well. The stock player is by far my most hated app. It tends to start up on its own with even the slightest touch to the headphone jack. It's a PITA to have to keep killing it absolutely EVERY time I listen to music. Please help Poweramp give the stock player a permanent smackdown.

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There is no such matter as "default-ness" for players in Android. PowerAMP is set as handler for files on sd card. So if you open the file from File Manager, PowerAMP will be in the list of apps for that file. PowerAMP is also is set as headset handler, provided that headset options are enabled in its settings.

As for other possible source of music (e.g. email attachments), PowerAMP doesn't support these due to the "scary" permissions required for these. For example, email attachment requires "Read email attachment" permission.

There are no video players currently for android which allow plugging the other players like this, also this is technically almost impossible (due to the video-audio sync which should be withing milliseconds).


1. try to raise PowerAMP headset priority in PowerAMP Headset settings

2. try to disable headset support in other 3rd party players (yes, they can affect headset functionality this way).

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