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This new béta hmm?

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Hello there,

I want to share my experience with the béta since it came out, and why I reverted back to alpha.

Béta Pros:

  • The sleep timer now has a dedicated button, cool!
  • A soundcloud like time slider, very nice, although I would like to have this feature toggled to the more simple slider.
  • Uses less CPU & RAM on my Galaxy S8 Plus.

Béta Cons:

  • Why has the visualizer been put to the background? Album arts covering a visualizer, who's idea was that? I know there's a Full Screen feature for that, but I loved how album arts would only show up once you tapped the screen.
  • List options... used to be useful, but now, it looks like they need a cure against alzheimer.
  • When I add new songs to my library and start playing the first one in the list, it stops playing when it's finished, can't press on next or previous, with repeat/shuffle turned on/off. It doesn't make a difference. I have to force stop the app to pick another song.
  • The new layout is quite confusing, perhaps it's just something you have to get used to, but I ain't a fan of it, yet.

There's probably more, but I just stopped using it after 5 days, and reverted back to alpha.

I'll just stick with the latest alpha until a new béta comes around. But in my opinion as of right now, this béta is a downgrade from alpha.

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