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Headset buttons not working When the Screen is off


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Headset buttons are not detected by the player when the screen is off. But it detects when the screen is off and for that session it works off screen also. So as it goes, I have to press headset atleast once to make sure it is detectable off screen. Very irritating bug.

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This is most likely bug/issue with the android rom that your phone manufacturer has shipped to you. 

For example with android 7.1.1 nougat on my Nokia 8 had this exact same problem with both spotify and Poweramp. 

However after I got the first 8.0 oreo beta software to it, that issue got fixed in that release. 


This app might help you out with this problem as well. 

Best solution might be to bug the official forum of your phone manufacturer or try to contact them directly with email or something. 

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