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  1. Hey Poweramp gods!! Another Paid user here (twice) Are you there??? We've been asking for this simple feature for soo long! (actually to optionally turn off a feature) : fading in a new track sounds so cheap! if it is about keeping the sound quality of the music.. that is not how the artist wants his song to start. Crossfading it's about keeping a smooth listening experience.. the crappy fade in effect just adds horrible semi empty spaces between songs. Now that gappless effect is introduced, it's time to optionally remove the fade in effect. For a better result.
  2. For a more dynamic listening experience, a crossfade option to let Poweramp analyze the current track to find where the song ends. Starting at that point to apply the crossfade in the desired lenght to the next one. But for the next one also analyze it to detect if there is any initial silence (gap), to remove it and start playing the song right there. WITHOUT THE FADE IN EFFCT. Just aplying the FADE out from the previous track. Both for manual and automatic track change.
  3. +this ! I think you are talking about an option to get a simple seekbar by default.
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