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playlist and all songs bug


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I'm at the end of my rope.   The player keeps going back to all songs everytime i turn around.  I put it on a playlist I wanted got in the car got down the street, realized I forgot my headphones.  Then i went back home and shut the car off and music going in to get the headphones.  turn the car back on and pulled out of the driveway as the phone was connecting to the bluetooth.  then it started playing song one in the "all songs"  mode.  I was so pissed i had to fumble for a playlist while driving.  then at the gym I connected to the bluetooth on my AMT machine and went to the EQ to put it on the headphones preset . then tried to go back to the main "now playing" screen but nothing happened but it started playing the second song in the "all songs" playlist.  Then i click the library button and back to the EQ again.  then i could go back to the now playing screen.  then i had to put my playlist back on all over again.    I was so pissed.   today while on the machine it decides to loose the audio so i had to reconnect the bluetooth again.  I think it stayed on the playlist this time.    I hope an update comes soon.  this is so ridiculous that we wait so long for an update and it can't even be better then this.   it goes back to "all songs" about 3 times a day.  I"m getting to where i don't like the first few songs it plays because this happens so much and annoys me.  and it's already bad enough I can't even shuffle songs in a playlist. 

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