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Slow start with "Initialization / Folders scan"

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Sorry if it has been asked before but I could not find an answer.

I bought an Archos 70IT with 250 GB HDD to be able to store my full music collection, and once powered by Poweramp, it really is what I was looking for.

However, as the Archos eats up much power even in "sleeping" mode, I have to shut it down completely between sessions to avoid draining the battery, and when I start it up again, Poweramp shows the "Initialization / Folders scan" message for about 2 minutes before being usable. That, plus the Archos' own startup time makes it very long before I hear something

As I intend to only use Poweramp in folder browsing mode, I already fiddled with Poweramp's options, namely :

- Music Folders : only /mnt/storage/Music is selected

- No System Scan For Folders : (don't know if checking the box means "scan" or "activate the No System Scan", tried both)

... to no avail

Is there any way I can get rid of this useless scanning phase ?

Best regards,


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PowerAMP scans filesystem when required, and it's required to scan filesystem after device boot, as otherwise app won't be aware of any changes on the external storage (i.e. sd card, which could be removed and updated/changed).

While for Archos 70 it could be useful to have some option/code to avoid scan on boot, Archos 70 HDD is unfortunately is not supported by PowerAMP (or PowerAMP is not supported by Archos ROM), as Archos will put HDD into sleeps state while PowerAMP is running, causing playing stuttering.

As indicated by Archos tech. stuff, this issue won't be fixed. Archos added some undocumented code into their firmware to avoid this stuttering/hdd sleep, but they specifically locked it to stock media player component, thus, PowerAMP can't use this API.

They check if API user is a stock player and deny usage otherwise. This just shows that Archos is not interested in running media apps not based on system media player on Archos 70 HDD.


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