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Saving folder view

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Hey guys,

I have a question concerning the folder and library view behaviour of Poweramp.

When I go through my folders to search for songs which I want to add to my playlist and switch from folder A to the library view, I resets the folder view when I am switching back to the folder view... so it does not show me the songs in Folder A, instead it brings me back to the root folder view... which is VERY annoying since I have to search for the desired folder again, which can be quiet some work the more folders one has... It is actually the same with playlist views... it always resets the view to the root view when switching between folder/library view...

There might be an option to disable it, but I couldn't find it... maybe someone of you knows more... otherwise this MUST be a feature for future releases!


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thanks for the concern. I think something will be done with this, especially with the fact that PowerAMP v2.0 will have unified Folders+Library, thus such Folders to Library navigation use case will be more frequent.


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