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  1. especially request 4 (smart title) is very very useful! Some Folder and Song names are pretty long and currently it is impossible to see the whole folder name when browsing through folders... I tried everything, could not find any way to see the whole folder name. Moreover, the folder view does not respect subfolders... For example: Three albums are stored on sd card in "Music/Sean Paul/"... instead of keeping that order (i.e. showing the Sean Paul folder and only showing the three albums after one clicked at the sean paul folder), Poweramp separates every folder and shows each folder on its own. Pretty messy when having lots of subfolders! Please find a way to fix this or give us an option to do so...
  2. Hey, is there an option to delete a rating of a song? As far as I experienced the rating system, once you have rated a song, you cannot reverse the rating, in other words, delete the rating. Is there an option I have overseen?
  3. Hey, wonderful beta! But I experienced one issue with the queue: When I play my playlist and, during playing the playlist, search for a song to add it to my queue, the player will start the song in the queue after the song from the playlist ended, but will not return to the playlist after the song in the queue has ended. The player gives me the following message instead: "Failed to play, no files available in selected list" I have also enable the return to playlist in the option menue... Anyone else experiencing this issue, or is anyone able to reproduce it? Moreover, is it btw possible JUST to search the playlist or a folder? When I press on "Search" or hold the menue button, it always opens the window to search the whole song database... is this intended? Will there be an option to choose whether to search all songs or just those in the folder/playlist? EDIT: I just found the "filter" option to search the playlist WOW!
  4. Hey guys, I have a question concerning the folder and library view behaviour of Poweramp. When I go through my folders to search for songs which I want to add to my playlist and switch from folder A to the library view, I resets the folder view when I am switching back to the folder view... so it does not show me the songs in Folder A, instead it brings me back to the root folder view... which is VERY annoying since I have to search for the desired folder again, which can be quiet some work the more folders one has... It is actually the same with playlist views... it always resets the view to the root view when switching between folder/library view... There might be an option to disable it, but I couldn't find it... maybe someone of you knows more... otherwise this MUST be a feature for future releases! Regards
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