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weird, my topic was erased for some reason.

I wanted to ask if Airplay will be supposed in the following version... I REALLY like Poweramp and don't wanna switch to DoubleTwist.


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+1 for Airplay function.

Some sound systems are Airplay compatible, so from my phone I can choose which earing system will be used : inside devices (loudspeaker or headphones) , or outside, via Wifi connection to Airplay devices.

Here in France, I use a Freebox System, as video/audio player. this system is Airplay fully compatible.

Some android apps are already Airplay compatible : Twonky as exemple. With this one, I can play music from my phone, to Freebox system.

It's a great function that I would like to use in my Great Poweramp.

Thanks a lot for your help.

More information here:


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I Also love Poweramp and use it for almost all my music listening. Airplay functionality is the only thing that I really miss.

Same here. I love Poweramp and I use it extensively. No other player has as good a UI or functions. I love that player.

Airplay on it would really be awesome. Or the ability to play to an xbox or airport express. :) That would be perfect!

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