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  1. air play, DNLA, UPNP, and now, chromecast. Problem is there are so many "standards" out there that they cannot be all in. Plug-ins, I would appreciate for sure. Chromecast is the defacto google standard, so that would make more sense. DNLA is the worldwide standard, so I guess that too makes sense. decisions, decisions. I'm happy to not be a dev.
  2. Dude, get in options or settings. Simply turn the option to off. I love that feature. It's a setting. "resume on bluetooth, resume one wired headset, pause on headset disconnect!!!!!!!!"
  3. Definitely. I've been using Poweramp full for... I think two years now. It is by FAR FAR FAR the best music player out there. And I've tried so many, I can't remember them all. This one is the one I keep using the most. Always on the dock. Chromecast support would be Excellently awesome.
  4. mathsz


    Same here. I love Poweramp and I use it extensively. No other player has as good a UI or functions. I love that player. Airplay on it would really be awesome. Or the ability to play to an xbox or airport express. That would be perfect!
  5. mathsz


    I love Poweramp. It's my default player. but... honeyplayer is the only one with working airplay feature. I would absolutely LOVE to see airplay come to Poweramp.
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