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a Track Indicator (Please)


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I would like to see this track indicator info. I hope I am not reposting an earlier request.


or you know..


..So in that hypothetical situation that would appear when starting playback on the 23rd track of a any playlist.

I expect that this feature would be configurable in that have the ability to set the delay time e.g. 'show for 10 secs' before it fades away. The best place to display this IMO, on the already crammed UI, would be over the album art area using a standard small Android UI grey box (with mild transparency). Would also like to see it available on the widgets too.

It's the same 'text box' that is seen when an Android user presses the Back button to exit file managers such as ASTRO or Es File Explorer.

I put it in the corner in this mock-up I created however it might be best centered, I dunno:

(click image to enlarge)



Sorry for epic post, I like to be clear with my ideas and requests.

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I think it's quite possible. Though, left area is reserved for AA (album art) widgets icons, like lyrics.

Thanks for the request.

But in that pic I put it in the right area ;)

Anyway, like I said before, the box would brief fade in/fade out on each track change - configurable of course in settings.

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:D Thank you for implementing this track info design concept into Poweramp v2.0.

My only concern now Max, is the location of this thing, I mean what if a user has 10,000+ tracks in a playlist, how will this display space-wise in the player screen if "show track counter" is enabled in this way....

...Example. 13/40212

Luckily if the Player is in landscape mode then this isn't so much of an issue but in standard portrait orientation this has to be considered.

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