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MP3 VBR with no LAME header?

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Hi there,

A lot of my VBR mp3 files show up in Poweramp with incorrect decoder, bitrate, and track length values which makes it impossible to seek within a track. I understand this is down to the files not containing LAME headers (caused by one way nature of the on-the-fly transcode + http download I use to get files from my server to my phone!).

The same incorrect info is displayed when using the stock Android player, but a lot of programs can detect and display this information correctly (dBpoweramp for example). My question is, can anything be done about this in Poweramp? I'd rather not use CBR!

Thanks, I'm loving Poweramp!


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PowerAMP supports Xing/Info and VBRI vbr "tags". There are no other tags for marking it as vbr. Please send example of you vbr mp3 which is failed to be properly identified by PowerAMP to poweramp.maxmpz gmail.com.


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