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Stop at start/end of the list/queue/selection


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I've just purchased the program and it's great, but what realy annoys me is that - I pick f.ex. from library one artist and select "play all", first song of the list starts to play and when I click previous it jumps to some songs I never selected which are taken from whole library.

I would realy appriciate if I can choose somewhere in settings, that when there's queue or I selected 'play all' - I will only loop through files of the queue or my selection - think this is standart player behavior and I would realy like that option. I don't like making playlists or something - I usally select Artist and play whole discography or just one album. And I would like all gestures and buttons let me move only i my selected range ...

For example if I have several albums from one Artist <<< >>> would jump from album to album and << >> from song to song ...

The selection would cycle if there's repeat all option, and do nothing on start/end of the songs if it isn't.

I hope you understand what I mean and such possibility would realy make your program 100% for me.



P.S.: I hope I didn't miss something in settings what is already there ...

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when you select Play All, the first song from given list is played (Folder, album, artist, etc), pressing << will move to last song of previous list (i.e. previous folder, album, artist, etc.).


Thats exactly what I don't like - because I would like to move only within my selection. Like when I select in my computer some folders and let them play - no other media files are available in music list movement. if it was possible to add some check box of such possibilty in settigns, I would be realy glad. But no big dig deal - as I said your program is great.

Other thing is that >> makes 'next song' and >>> 'next artist' ... how do I list through albums of selected artist? I'm quite lost in possibilities of the program ...

Thanx again

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