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this is regarding something i see as a bug. wrote about this in a post where i requested a feature, but i figured i should make a nice thread here in bugs. i feel i have been misunderstood.

so like title says, my problem lies with the menu of songs in the playlist view (the one where you long press on a song, and you get options to add to que, delete, see file info, etc...).

i do know that long pressing is secondary approach, the firs being the little white arrow on the right of each song.

what i am complaining about is the fact that the long press needed to open that menu is WAY too short, and i keep opening it up unwillingly. from my point of view, as there is the little arrow, this secondary method of getting to the menu could be removed altogether. but since i am not the only one that uses Poweramp, i'm thinking there are users who want it.

so, i'm asking if you could make it so that the long press needed to open this menu is LONGER then it is not (example: say i need to hold on a song for 1sec now to open the menu, i'm asking if you could make that 2sec).

problem is, 3 out of 5 times when i go to playlist view to pick a song, i end up opening this menu, when all i want is to select that track for playing.

This is as clear as i can spray it :P

Waiting on your feedback,


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in Android, developer doesn't choose the delay for long press - it's system wide setting, set by ROM developer (i.e. by OEM/Google).

Note, that small arrow to the right has a extended sensitive area (around 1/4 of the item width). This is true almost for any PowerAMP controls - sensitive areas for them are larger than the controls boundaries to ease touch usability.

I can't reproduce the behavior you're describing on my devices (dozen of various wide spread android devices, stock roms, clean phones - almost no other apps).

What is your phone model/android os version/custom ROM (if any)?


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my device is a samsung GT-i5800, currently running FROYO (2.2), build XXJPN for this device.

but i used Poweramp since the phone was under android 2.1, and since then i went over 4 ROMs from samfirmware (froyo) and a custom ROM by kyrillos (do not remember name exaclty), and i had this problem on all of them.

the menu opening thing also happens when i drag/scroll the playlist sometimes (this can also happen in contacts menu for instance - extreeemly rare -, but to me it feels like Poweramp playlist is a lot more sensitive to this then other menus i can scroll through).

when i scroll, my finger usually sits in the middle of the screen on the horizontal axis (so i think i am clear of the extended sensitive area you mentioned). but then again, on the street, it could be that i accidentally press that area...

maybe i'm not serious enough when i push (so to speak). because my screen is small i tend to lightly touch the screen (so as not to make an incorrect selection), and maybe that is misinterpreted by the OS. eather way, not Poweramp's fault. i just thought the timing could be changed to help me out :P

Thanks for the reply!

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