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  1. Hi, thanks for the reply. 1) yeah did that. went so high as my main clock 1890. no luck.. also played around with hotplugs, governors, IO schedulers. IO read-ahead. nothing. all give me more or less stutters. none gave me an acceptably small amount i could live with (though IMO it's the basics of an audio player, play glitch-free, you shouldn't live with any amount). it seems to me it has to do with the sleeping. at screen off, the phone keeps trying to deep sleep while the music is playing. funny it only happens over bluetooth. is it out of the devs hands to prebuffer more data to the bluet
  2. Hello there, it's been ages since i wrote on this forum, but i'm experiencing a few things over bluetooth that are driving me nuts. In this post i'll describe 3 problems i have over bluetooth with Poweramp. When i say bluetooth i'm reffering to my car stereo, i do not use bluetooth headphones or any other devices. If it helps, my current stereo is the build in headunit of the Mazda 3. but i can confirm the problems on Alpine units, as well as Audi A3 stock. So, here goes: 1. To make it short, i get these skips, like very short pauses when i playback with screen off. I did test my car, an
  3. GOD bless! THANK YOU for the awsome upgrades!!! installed it on a samsung i5800, promissing stuff! maybe these bugs have been reported. - a few glitches in the album art display especially when sliding to change song. - do not know if this is suppose to be this way. if i set for shuffle, and repeat list, and i play all songs once, and reach the end (example: 256/256) if i try to slide the album art to go to the next song, it will not budge. wouldn't it be normal for it to loop back to one? - i set for crossfade off, but the player still crossfaades when i slide the album art to jump to the nex
  4. @Thistle hi, thanks for the suggestion, believe it or not, "(I have Preamp set to +9 with RG, and 0 without - roughly based on my RG scan results, so try and see what works best)" i had the exact same settings before i changed my dsp chain to the one in the image, i kind of use the channel mixer to make 5.1 output with bass redirection (bass freak ), and then remix it all back to stereo with matrix mixer. so i use apply gain and prevent clipping with a +14 amp (used +12 before the 1.1.6 foobar update, but the developer changed RG algorithm and tracks loose even more volume then before) to get
  5. well, personally i would use it each time i try out a new ROM - trying to find the battery usage of the rom, and since 50% of what my phone does is Poweramp, it's damn important also it would be nice to know how much music i listened to this week, or month. testing, benchmarking mostly...
  6. @ maxmpz it would be great if replaygain could be implemented like baschinger suggests - you could also try to implement the foobar feature that let's you decide how to apply replaygain (apply, or apply and prevent clipping according to peak)
  7. so, will the counter get implemented?
  8. my device is a samsung GT-i5800, currently running FROYO (2.2), build XXJPN for this device. but i used Poweramp since the phone was under android 2.1, and since then i went over 4 ROMs from samfirmware (froyo) and a custom ROM by kyrillos (do not remember name exaclty), and i had this problem on all of them. the menu opening thing also happens when i drag/scroll the playlist sometimes (this can also happen in contacts menu for instance - extreeemly rare -, but to me it feels like Poweramp playlist is a lot more sensitive to this then other menus i can scroll through). when i scroll, my finge
  9. hi, this is regarding something i see as a bug. wrote about this in a post where i requested a feature, but i figured i should make a nice thread here in bugs. i feel i have been misunderstood. so like title says, my problem lies with the menu of songs in the playlist view (the one where you long press on a song, and you get options to add to que, delete, see file info, etc...). i do know that long pressing is secondary approach, the firs being the little white arrow on the right of each song. what i am complaining about is the fact that the long press needed to open that menu is WAY too short
  10. hi, here to ask for a feature. could you implement some sort of counter that counts the total time Poweramp played? like in foobar. just total play time, and a reset button. id does not have to be in the main window, somewhere in settings. it would be nice when trying to determine battery life. also, a small thing i consider a bug. in the playlist, if you hold a finger on a song, the menu pops up (the one with enque, delete, etc...). in my opinion it pops up too easily. 3 out of 5 times i want to select a song i end up opening that menu. could you make so that you need to hold your finger on
  11. thank you for the quick reply! did not know the processor speed change for number 1, but my question still stands: which one uses more proessor flac or aac? depending on the answer i will encode my collection. as far as 2 is concerned, i can hardly wait for Poweramp 2.0 to roll out!!!
  12. like the title says, 2 questions: 1) do flac files use less cpu than aac (did some testing, and flac usually stayed at about 6-7%, whereas aac 9-10%, but flac sometimes had bursts up to 20%, aac only 17%) 2) reason why this is in bugs: this only happens for FLAC files. in library view, the tags are not read (unknown artist, genre, etc - i liked the fact that i could go to all songs and, if i do not remember song name, i just type in the artist name by long pressing the menu key... no more with flac). album art is loaded, and if i go to a song, long press, and hit info, all the fields are fille
  13. If you want more volume you could try using a software compressor/limiter such as Waves L2. CyanogenMod has a compressor built-in. did not consider using compressor on encode thanks for the ideea. CyanogenMod looks cool, too bad my device is not on the supported list
  14. hi, i figured i make a post with all the features i would like in Poweramp, so here goes: 1) different control for Tone knobs (something that allows me to see numbers like xx%, or finer controll, i wand to go as high as possible without distortion, so knowing that the value for bass is 52% would be helpfull) 2) something that allows me to backup Poweramp settings (hate reconfiguring, and remaking all eq presets after each ROM update, especially the tone knobs) 3) ability to disable fade between tracks 4) ability to disable fade animation of album art 5) ability to change text and background co
  15. this might be a stupid question, but is there ANY chance i can literally brake my hardware if i set Poweramp at too high a volume? i ask this because i use preamp at max, plus tone\bass knob at about 1/2. if i go slightly higher i can hear some popping noise (popcorn noise). if i go even higher, no popcorn noise, but distortions kick in. so, can i burn out the DAC and amps on my phone, or is the "noise" purely digital?
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