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Two suggestions about the UI in build793


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I've been using Poweramp for years and thank you for the changes you made to the UI in the latest version, and I love this version. After I've used it for a few days, there are two suggestions for the UI that I want to modify in later versions.

  1. Album cover should not be limited to 1:1 of the ratio, for example, some songs cover is 9:16, which will cause the cover is not complete, this is very sad things. Just add the  "Android:adjustviewbounds='true'" attribute to the ImageView, and you'll be able to solve the problem, which is what you should do in the release version, and the cover can be displayed in its own proportion.
  2. The album cover displayed in the lock screen is very blurry. The album cover of the song is 1440*2560 (2K), but it does not have the desired display effect. In fact it seems to be 720P which is very bad. Now the phone has large enough memory to display 1080P or 2K, or even 4K images, please do not force compression drawable (maybe bitmap), or at least add a profile in the settings, whether to enable compress, and adjust the compression percentage.

By the way, when do you consider providing the API for Poweramp 3's skin?

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