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Transparency % reversed, Full-screen transition delay

Tristan Young

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Two simple issues:

1.  Transparency % for the panels, etc.   The % is reversed.  Transparency should be 0% - no transparency, and 100% - full transparency.  When I set transparency to 100, the controls lack transparency, or from another point of view, are 100% opaque.  Oops

2.  Visualization full-screen:  The transition from showing the player controls to full-screen visualization happens too soon.  I need a chance to see the screen, and press the buttons before the visualization takes over.  This delay should be configurable.  Keep in mind the target audience - some have visual impairment (not me), and some need time to focus on the content of the screen (me, almost everyone possibly).  Also, screens can be difficult to see under bright lighting conditions, requiring additional time to see the controls.


Poweramp v3 build 793

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