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Settings - Music Folders (shows more than I select)


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my music is in a specific folder on my SC-Card. Well organized, all songs tagged.

But under the "artists" view, I was surprised to see a folder "unknown artist" with two songs in it, that are stored in a completley diffent folder. And of course, it is not a subfolder of the folder, where all my music is in.

In settings - music folders - I selected the folder where all my music is in ONLY.

Why are songs from other folders are beeing displayed :?:



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Hi there.

Same small problem - same question.

I have installed a game on SD card. There are some folders that contains audio files for that game.

Why Poweramp displays that game folders and audio files in them in Poweramp library (under unknown artist), although that folders are not checked as a Music Folders.

Best Regards.

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