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  1. Hi, I use MediaMonkey as Music Player. I created a playlist and exported it as *.m3u. I synced it to a subfolder of my Music Folder in my phone. Poweramp recognized it and shows it under "playlists". I can play the songs. Perfect. Nearly... BUT if I use German "umlaute" like e.g. Ö Ä Ü , the playlists (if you open it with an editor) adds an UTF8 entry. After syncing to my Phone, Poweramp is not able to see the new song that contains e.g. an "Ä". Any help? Cheers Epi
  2. Hi, my music is in a specific folder on my SC-Card. Well organized, all songs tagged. But under the "artists" view, I was surprised to see a folder "unknown artist" with two songs in it, that are stored in a completley diffent folder. And of course, it is not a subfolder of the folder, where all my music is in. In settings - music folders - I selected the folder where all my music is in ONLY. Why are songs from other folders are beeing displayed :?: cheers Epi
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