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  1. ipod is overpriced piece of junk well wrapped in shiny case. ipod's general FAIL: dreadful sound. Your post is off-topic, has nothing to do with this forum and it's useless. Stay with your ipod and search some other appropriate forum.
  2. Just slide your finger from actual rating star to the left. This will delete the rating.
  3. When will streaming via Wi-Fi from PC be implemented? I want to save my microSD valuable space. Cheers!
  4. Yes, I can confirm this too. Example: Song is playing or not, no matter, go to ''Library''-->''Artists''-->''Albums''===> some picked songs from other artists refuses to play, but not all. All songs are common mp3. Anyway, it's a brilliant work Max. Thank You for bringing back old skin, EQ assign for album, up/down gestures, volume round knob, fixing thumbnails, overall improvements, additions, and other fixes. Keep good work. HTC Desire 2.3.3. Stock ROM.
  5. True. It's obviously a bug. Auto-advance scheme "Library->Artist->Artist Albums" is not working in this beta. After last song it says "! List finished" instead of playing further. Please Max, fix it. Something else: Equalizer Assign preset for "Current album" is missing now. Why? :cry: Every song from same album, now has to be assigned particulary through "current song". It's a waste of time and nerves. All songs from same ripped CD (Album) sounds equal, all of them require same EQ preset, don't they? This is very important and this was a very useful feature in v1.4. IMHO EQ Assigning for "All songs" makes no sense. Cosmetic issue: -->Settings, under "audio engine" is word "Crossafe". Crossfade? Best Regards.
  6. Strange. I have >1500 mp3's with embedded artwork, all of them 500x500 px, biggest is 700-800 kb. All are displayed correctly. All artwork is embedded with mp3Tag (freeware). I said in my previous post i had a problem with displaying non-embedded artwork thumbnails downloaded on-the-fly (long press artwork area in PA). Main PA screen shows and remembers selected artwork, but album thumbnail keeps showing another.
  7. Album artwork thumbnails don't match with the chosen ones, downloaded from internet (for non-embedded artwork tracks).
  8. Nice effort Max, but: - DVC..., hmm, according to my listening tests bass is not deeper, it's, I would say, somehow emphasized, undefined, muffled, unprecise, everything else but not deeper. Bass negative impacts for overall sound IMHO. "Too "dark" "bassy" weird overall sound. With DVC off a bit better, but not as good as older version. - Skins: first 2 are too bright (brighter is ugly too IMHO), last 2 are too dark, where is default skin from old version (Matte Metal)? - What is "Limit"? - Why are up/down Change gestures removed? - Reverting to old PA for now, much better sound... :cry: HTC Desire 2.33 Official.
  9. Cheerio! Thanks for that future v2.0 possibility, it's very important.
  10. Hi there. Same small problem - same question. I have installed a game on SD card. There are some folders that contains audio files for that game. Why Poweramp displays that game folders and audio files in them in Poweramp library (under unknown artist), although that folders are not checked as a Music Folders. Best Regards.
  11. I have purchased Poweramp Full Version Unlocker (1.0-build-19) 12/21/2010 and succesfully unlocked Trial version. Since then I've been enjoying it till yesterday, when i did a couple hard phone resets for experimental purposes . Yesterday i installed Poweramp v1.1b326 Trial first, than Unlocker, and Poweramp says: "Failed to verify licence APM response - 500, NO_MORE_ACTIVATIONS_LEFT ...@gmail.com - please contact Poweramp Support" :shock: "About" says it's a 1.1-build-326 Full Version My Cellphone is always 3G-online and synced with my gmail account. Help!
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