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flac related questions

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like the title says, 2 questions:

1) do flac files use less cpu than aac (did some testing, and flac usually stayed at about 6-7%, whereas aac 9-10%, but flac sometimes had bursts up to 20%, aac only 17%)

2) reason why this is in bugs:

this only happens for FLAC files.

in library view, the tags are not read (unknown artist, genre, etc - i liked the fact that i could go to all songs and, if i do not remember song name, i just type in the artist name by long pressing the menu key... no more with flac).

album art is loaded, and if i go to a song, long press, and hit info, all the fields are filled in correctly. its as if Poweramp goes: yes, i know they are there, i can read them, but i don't want to use them.

when in folder view, the info is displayed, but again if i long press menu and search the artist name, no results are found. i can only search by song title.

hope this is solvable!

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thank you for the quick reply!

did not know the processor speed change for number 1, but my question still stands: which one uses more proessor flac or aac? depending on the answer i will encode my collection.

as far as 2 is concerned, i can hardly wait for Poweramp 2.0 to roll out!!!

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