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Crackle Sound for 96KHz 24BIT Audio

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Crackle Sound for 96KHz 24BIT Audio (FLAC)

I'm hearing a cracking sound for this type of audio.

MP3 or 44KHz (flac) audio is fine.

I thought maybe me messing with the bass settings, EQ and other things was causing this but with everything turned off, I can still hear the crackling sound, almost vinyl sounding. Playing these high res files on another app (Hiby) play these files just fine with no crackling sound so I know it's not my files. I just prefer Poweramp because of its rich sound and Hiby's awful app support.

Is 96khz 24 bit audio a limitation for Poweramp or just a bug?
Also, any chance we can get DSD support?

Build: 2.0.10 (588)

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Update: Went ahead and got the alpha build 709 and and solved some things

1. Ape format now works 

2. DSD support works

The only issue I'm getting in that you can still hear little crackly sounds on all formats, mp3, flac, etc.....

My device is the Hiby R6 if that helps.


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You could try increasing the buffer size or other audio settings in the Settings > Audio > Output section. That's a pretty specialised and non-mainstream device, so I don't know whether Max would have any way to test or debug it. PA uses its own audio processing code that runs in software, so no matter how good the audio hardware is, it needs a good amount of processing power to handle high-res output. 


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