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Play back issues

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Had PA on a Galaxy S7 and everything was great. Got a S8 and now music won't play back like I want.

I want to choose a Playlist and have PA play random in that Playlist. What I get is either: Plays for 2 songs and stops. Plays maybe 5 songs and stops. Plays for maybe 3 songs and stops. It might play 2-3 and then pause right in the middle of a song. It might also play random ALL my songs - it leaves my selected Playlist. 

What are the meanings of the shuffle and replay(?) icons? The twisted arrows on the right : what do the 3,2 & 3+2 little boxes mean? On the left, (replay?) what is the meaning of the various choices? The straight arrow? The circle with a "1" in the center? 

I could not find a user guide on the internet. Is there one? It would be nice for your older users. 

Thanks in advance. 

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For an explanation of the Shuffle and Repeat modes, please see 

For the stopping problem, it sounds like your device is not allowing PA to continue in the background when the screen is off. Check in Poweramp Settings > Misc > Tweaks and ensure that Use Wakelock and Keep Service are both ticked. Also, check in your Android power saving settings to ensure that the Poweramp app is excluded from any power management or optimisation processes. 


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Thanks for the help. I made the changes you suggested and I thought all was well. I took a 12 hour road trip with Poweramp running the whole time and had ZERO issues. 

But, I have also taken my usual commute trips on a few occasions and, though the music seems to be playing randomly and from the same folder, it will still stop playing at times. It's inconsistent too as it will play fine for 4-5 songs, then stop - right in the middle of it playing - on the next 2 out of 5.

The only difference between the trips is that it quits when I'm flying. That shouldn't matter, yes? 

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